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Our website shows their live broadcasts with mobile application by members Periscope Periscope. Do not recorded any information on our site. If you do not want to appear on our website publications you make the Periscope application can declare throwing mail. any damages arising from use while visiting our website will not be accepted by us. advertisements contained on our website is the responsibility of the advertiser. You can contact any complaints do not hesitate to suggest to 7 business days is done by the team support in return. The caching of our website by search engines is not our responsibility. Our site Periscope periscope +18 publications made by a member of our site is to show live broadcasts that automatically publishes the Periscope mobile applications. Therefore, we are not control in any way. Or it may be uncomfortable against the Republic of Turkey laws broadcasts if you complained about the contact section as soon as we can delete publications manually. In addition, the audit is carried out by Periscope administration officials. We are not responsible for the periscope Periscopeizle.net not the official website of the application.

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